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Building a deck is a wonderful way to add to the beauty of your home and increase its value. However, when you alter the outside of your home in any way, there is a price that must be paid. Anytime that you change the exterior of your home, you will need to obtain a permit.

Most decks will require a building permit to be purchased for the construction process. Getting this permit allows for the plans of your home to be updated, and let city officials make sure that you are constructing something that will not damage the environment. Workers will review your proposed plans and make sure that the results will be safe to use as well.

In the event that your deck plans include anything besides simply the wood of a deck, there may be additional charges. If you plan to install a roof, add electricity, or include plumbing, your deck may require additional permits from the city. Workers will ask you about your intentions for an area, and will direct you to get the needed additional permits.

To get a deck building permit, you must first draw up the plans of your deck. These include how the deck will attach to any other structure. Once the plans have been drawn, take them to your local city hall and ask for a building permit. Decks are normally very simple, and most permits will be completed in only a few minutes.

It is important that you not skip the building permit. When you later go to sell the home at some point, the home inspector will discover that your plans don’t match the ones on file. At that time, you will have to pay for the building permit, additional inspections, and hefty fines for failing to get the permit in the first place.

Homeowners find an increasing number of uses for decks. All these uses will influence not only the style and dimensions of your deck but also the material chosen. Choosing the right material for your deck will mean years of enjoyment and ease that  you didn’t expect.

Our professionals are equipped to meet the requirements of building permits and regulations. We are dedicated to quality decking services and customer satisfaction. Call today to discuss with a contractor your decking needs!

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