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Siding and Trim Repair, Colorado Springs

Siding and Trim Repair

Colorado Springs has been plagued the last few years with hail, high winds, fires, floods and woodpeckers which has cost a lot of damage to properties around Colorado. O’Leary and Sons is your “One Stop Shop” to get the exterior of your home back in tip top condition.

Small Enough to Care, Large Enough for Your Project

Our crews are experts in repair work that other companies don’t want to contend with. Many companies shy away from the smaller projects making it very difficult for homeowners to find qualified contractors.

What Our Customers Say

My siding repairs ended up being a little more involved than the original quote, but Timothy stayed with his price. High quality work. I actually used them to paint my house and they exceeded my expectations.
- Homeowner in Colorado Springs.

Excellent work. They were also willing to do a little more than required so the homeowner was satisfied.
- Michelle M.
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