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Deck Repairs

Although there are many companies in Colorado Springs that can repair decks, O’Leary and Sons specializes in complete deck repairs. We are on deck repair jobs EVERY day a week. Because of this, our crews are experts in every aspect of repairing even very complicated decks.

The impact on your deck, when you work with O'Leary & Sons can be as dramatic or as subtle as you want. Our crews can make your deck look like new again.

Here is just one example of how it impacted a property:

Repairing a Deck

O'Leary & Sons are experts in replacing stair stringers, structural supports, joists and repairing loose hand rails. Whatever your deck needs in order to get it safe and up to code, we can handle the deck repair.

We can also turn old decks into beautiful custom looking decks by refinishing the floors, doing any structural repairs and installing custom hand rails, saving you thousands of dollars by repairing a deck rather than having to build a new deck.

When to Repair Your Deck

Most homeowners tell us when trying to find a contractor, they experience a couple of different things:

  1. They have contractors that specialize in Deck Repair that tell them their deck cannot be repaired and needs to have a new deck built. This is very common with deck construction companies that only want the large jobs and not the repairs. Almost every deck we repair has had another contractor say it can’t be fixed.
  2. Or they have a handyman service or “jack of all trades” tell them they can fix it, but they can clearly tell they have no experience or knowledge of the job.

We see decks on a weekly basis that have been repaired by unqualified contractors that are repaired wrong. When this happens, the deck does not pass the current building codes and customers have to spend money to have it repaired again if they ever sell the house or require any type of inspection.

Many of our customers want to “freshen up” their older deck. After a complete inspection and any needed repairs, we can install new decking and a modern Fortress metal handrail. This creates a brand new custom deck for a fraction of a new deck.

Decks We Repaired

Because most decks in Colorado Springs are built with untreated lumber, many communities have decks less than 10 years old with rotted framing and stairs. When reconstructing a deck, we use all “A Grade” pressure treated lumber for all framing and stair stringers.

What Our Customers Say

The estimate for the necessary repairs to our deck was quite reasonable, especially given the extent (and as it turned out, urgency of those repairs). We were "early" in the season, and timeliness was super. Estimate was available within six hours of the visit and evaluation, work began two days later, and the project was finished within one week of O'Leary's first visit. All with whom we worked were courteous, professional, and answered all questions throughly. We will use O'Leary for deck maintenance into the future. What a GREAT company. Thank you, Tim and John.
- Tom D.

This is the only company that I interviewed that gave me a realistic approach to repairing my deck. Their advise was spot on and they worked with me to ensure the timing met my schedule. They did what they said they would do and then some. I was happy on all fronts, quality of people, experience and price. I recommend them highly.
- Robert C.

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