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Professional Interior and Exterior Painting, Colorado Springs

Professional Painting

O’Leary and Sons' offer the premier painting crew for Colorado Springs. We pride ourselves in the level of professionalism and quality of work we provide for our customers.

Though we are not a large painting company, we take the extra time and detail to make every house look perfect. We know that with painting, preparation is always one of the most important tasks. We do any necessary siding and trim repairs and do an excessive amount of prep work to make sure our paint jobs last for many years to come.

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Exterior Professional Painting in Colorado Springs

Interior and Exterior Painting

O’Leary and Sons use only the highest quality paint and apply the paint to the correct mil thickness to provide a beautiful thick, rich appearance. Just to see one of our homes completed and you will immediately know it was worth the cost.

What Our Customers Say

Very thorough; they ensured the entire project was 100% complete and didn't leave ANYTHING undone!
- Tom S.

Very friendly. Good work. Highly reccommended.
- John S.
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