Customize Your Deck

There is a lot of discussion among home and garden magazines, blogs, and online forums around customizing the exterior of a home. Interior design has been a huge industry for decades, but the exterior design piece along with landscaping is really seeing a huge surge in business over the last few years. The demand for good looking homes has gone up now that the housing market has recovered, and with that has come increased demand for landscaping, customized gardens, and custom decks. People want to enjoy the warm and cool weather outside on custom decks, in hot tubs, and in beautifully landscaped backyards with groomed grass and flowers. Here is a little bit more information about these trends.


  1. Custom decks. These are increasingly popular, especially in the suburbs, where people might like to enjoy barbequing, hot tubs, and other outdoor activities on a steady surface that is not just the grass in their backyard. Custom deck builders can accommodate a wide variety of styles, designs, built-in seating arrangements, and multi-layered decks. Two story custom decks can create a nice porch on the lower level with the deck from the upper level providing ample shade. Another use for custom decks is to separate a home out into rental units with separate entrances, such as stairs up to a deck in the back for an upper level unit. O’Leary and Sons can customize your deck to meet your needs.


  1. Painting different colors on the exterior of homes is a popular trend as well. People are more interested in showcasing their individuality and are fine with painting their homes distinct colors, especially on blocks of row-houses or other homes that all look fairly similar. It is a fun and easy thing to point out “my house is the yellow one” when giving directions to people to get there. This does not apply to those with homeowner’s associations, who supply a list of pre-approved paint colors for exteriors and trims. O’Leary and Sons is well versed in appropriate color and painting codes.


  1. Where backyards used to just be grass or dirt, now they are a landscaped combination of the greenest grass, stones, sawdust, ponds, and other decorative areas that make a backyard look fancier than others. Rows of stones, bricks, or other carefully placed rocks can make pathways, and other types of surfaces that can be paid down can help minimize how much grass has to be watered and mowed and keep maintenance of the backyard down to a minimum.


O’Leary and Sons Inc will spruce up the exterior of your home by deck refinishing colorado springs, painting your exterior and repairing your fence. Call today for a consultation.