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When you remodel your home or parts of your home you will look at different wall treatments that you may want to use. Paint is a very good choice. Painting can be very easy and you can make different details with paint. It is most cost efficient then wallpaper. There are many different types of paint that you will need to look at and decide what color you want. You will also need to choose a paint sheen. The sheen of any paint is the shine or gloss it will have on your walls. O”Leary and Sons are a team of dedicated contractors to help you remodel your exteriors by painting and deck repair.

Here are the different types of paint sheens to choose from and some tips of where to use them that may help you choose.
Flat paint has no shine at all and seems to have a chalky appearance when painted onto your walls. The most common uses for flat paint are your ceilings or walls. The advantage of flat paint is that it helps hide the appearance of flaws that you may have on the walls or ceilings. Such as drywall tape lines, dips and bulges. Ceilings are where flaws can be easily noticed. Flat paint is not very washable and tends to trap dirt. If you use flat paint on your ceilings then this would not be a problem. Scrubbing flat paint can give it a slight sheen. This can make it stand out from surrounding areas. Flat paint is the easiest to touch-up though because there is no sheen to highlight the new paint.
Eggshell is a step above flat paint in its gloss or shine. Eggshell is the most popular selection for wall paint. Its sheen is most similar to an eggshell. It has a very slight shine, but looks fairly flat when painted on the walls. The eggshell sheen is more washable than the flat sheen paint. This type of paint is a good choice for family rooms and hallways.
Satin sheen has a very soft shine to it. The sheen is seeable but does not reflect any glaring light. It is very washable making it an excellent choice for any room. This type of paint would be great in a kid’s rooms and exterior walls.
Semi-Gloss has a visible shine. Semi-Gloss is a very durable finish and is very easy to clean. It is ideal for your high traffic areas, doors and trim. The durability of the semi-gloss sheen also makes it a good choice for any moist areas like kitchens, baths and laundry rooms. This type of sheen will highlight any flaws. IF you choose to use this type of sheen on the exterior of your home it is best used as trim for your doors or shutters.
Gloss is the shiniest of the sheens. Gloss will give off a wet appearance even after it is dry. It is extremely durable and very easy to clean. Gloss will also highlight flaws like the semi-gloss. This type of sheen is best used for interior trim on your doors or windows. Gloss is also used on your cabinets because it is so easy to clean.
The sheen of paint that you choose will depend on where you want to paint. Areas in your home that have the most traffic you will want to put some type of a gloss. These are best for wiping down any handprints or dirt that gets stuck on your walls. If your walls have dips or bulges in them the best choice to go with is a flat paint to hide these flaws. The more of a gloss the more it will highlight any problem areas on your walls or ceilings. Glosses are best on your exterior trims because they are easily cleaned.
Whatever your needs, O’Leary and Sons will make sure to bring quality and satisfaction to your home remodel. Call today for a consultation!

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