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Exterior house painting increases beauty of your home and protects your home from normal damage that occurs because of prolonged exposure to outdoor elements. It can be difficult to know if the time is right to give your home a fresh coat of paint and usually, no one wants to face the time, expense and hassle until they have to. You don’t need to be an expert painter to know if your house needs painting. Take a quick walk around your home and look for these four signs that your home could use a new coat of paint.Then, call O’Leary and Sons and leave the work in the hands of capable professionals.

Paint keeps your house looking its best while also protecting its surfaces from wear and tear of the elements. A fresh coat of paint will freshen up the exterior and modernize the appearance of your house. Buyer’s can better see your home’s potential with a fresh coat of paint, resulting in a 125% return on your investment. O’Leary and Sons Inc offers quality and professional service for your home exterior needs. They will repaint your house to your satisfaction.

4 Signs Your House Needs an Update

  • Is the Color of Paint Fading? – Fading color is usually the first sign that the paint is starting to wear out. Exposure to light, heat and the elements will cause the color of your paint to dull and dim over time. If certain sections of your walls are fading, it is a clear indication that your home is long overdue for a paint job. Arrange for a dry towel and wipe it firmly against your siding. If you see chips come off then it is a sure sign that your home is not protected any longer.
  • Is the Paint Peeling? – Paint provides a layer of protection to your walls. When moisture gets below that layer, the bond between the wall and paint weakens and they begin to separate. This causes the paint to peel. Peeling paint means that your wood or other siding is exposed and that leads to mold and mildew. The only way to correct the issue is to scrape the loose paint off, sand the area down, apply a coat of primer and then move onto a fresh coat of paint.paint peeling
  • Have you Noticed any Chalky Texture ? – To check for chalking, touch the paint surface with your fingers. If it leaves powdery residue on your fingers, it means that the paint is beginning to deteriorate and break down and ready to be re coated.
  • Are There any Cracks in your Caulking? – Cracked caulking is a sure sign that your paint job is insufficient. Look for it around the door frames, window frames and anywhere the siding meets the trim. Small cracks can be filled with fresh caulking but major gaps mean that you need to apply a fresh coat of paint.cracks caulking


7 Ways to Increase Value of Your House With Exterior Painting

  • Choose the Color According to Your Surroundings- Your favorite color might be dark green but this does not make it the best choice for your house’s exterior. First take into consideration the other materials and colors around your property and make sure that the main color you are selecting is a complementary shade.exterior painting
  • Use Light Color with Outdoor Lighting- Undoubtedly, a bright and shiny home is favorable over something dark and gloomy. Therefore use lighter paints with outdoor lighting.
  • Don’t Forget to Create Balance Between Top and Bottom of Your Home- It is important for you that you maintain proper balance between top and bottom of your house while deciding paint for your house.Door paint
  • Use Light Colors on the Top of Your House- Try to use dark colors near the base of your house to avoid creating an uncomfortable and strange feeling. Use light colors on the top of your house as this will highlight the brightness and warmth coming from your house.
  • Use Light Colors on The Window Sashes- Try to paint window sashes and overhead surfaces like soffits with a lighter color as it will boost the spirit of your house.
  • Use Warm Colors- Try to use warm colors instead of cool colors as it will give you a subtle and soothing look. For example use a combination of yellow- white instead of a combination of blue-white.
  • Choose From Light, Medium and Dark Colors According to the Effect You are Trying to Pull Off- If you want to make a small house look bigger then use light color and if you are trying to make a large house seem less overbearing in a small section then undoubtedly, go with darker color.

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