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Choosing the best exterior paint color scheme for your home is a vital process. The color of the exterior of your home is the first impression the world gets of your home. Painting your home is a task that you shouldn’t take lightly. Studying which options would be best for your home’s exterior will serve you well once the time comes for you to decide whether or not to sell your home. There are several different aspects of exterior home painting to keep in mind. Some of the elements of painting your home’s exterior include the siding, trim, and accents. Making sure all aspects of the home are in agreeance with each other, and with your neighbors makes all the difference in painting the exterior of your home. One oversight can turn into a costly mistake, ruining your home’s curb appeal. It may sound cliche, but the best way to ensure you paint your home’s exterior appropriately is to take a close look at your neighborhood. You don’t want to deviate too far from the color scheme of your neighbors because it will make the home seem completely out of place. For instance, if your neighbors home is a cooler color such as a grey, you wouldn’t want to select a polar opposite like a bright yellow. Instead, a navy blue or a turquoise may be more appropriate. Regardless which color you choose, you should still test the color you want with a paint chip in-store before you make a commitment. The best color to choose to paint your siding typically depends on your roof. If your roof is an earth-tone like a brown, your best choice for a siding color may be a warm color like a red. If you’re roof is grey or black, then your best choice would likely be to go with a cooler color for your siding like blue. Arguably, the most challenging parting of your home is the trim. The challenge presented with the trim is that it can either blend in well with the rest of the home or throw the look off completely. The best advice for successfully selecting a color for your trim is to choose a color two shades away from the color of the siding, either darker or lighter. The color that you choose for your trim will be used for the less than glamorous aspects of your home, like the gutters and garage doors. When deciding on a color for your trim, you can’t go wrong by asking for the help of professionals. With that in mind , the experts at O’leary and Sons is happy to provide you with our professional consultation when it comes to painting your Colorado Springs home. If you’re in need of advice from some of the most experienced Colorado Springs exterior painters, O’leary and Sons should be at the top of your list. Call O’leary and Sons today, to make sure your Colorado Springs exterior painting is done correctly.

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