Colorado weather can definitely be unforgiving: especially to your outdoor spaces. If your decking hasn’t been properly stained and sealed, the materials can weather fast, rot, or lose appeal. That is why it is so important to seal and stain your decking.

The professionals at O’Leary and Sons understands this: they have been in the decking business  since 1988. They aim for quality decking materials, work, and design. These things will help your deck stand against the weather and keep its beautiful integrity. The can repair from weather damage, or damage from the wildlife: woodpeckers are especially known to cause havoc in the decks of the Colorado Springs area.

Many times, the condition of a deck reflects its overall surroundings — especially weather. If tall or deciduous trees surround a deck, it would be constantly damp and covered with fallen leaves and branches. A deck that is exposed to extreme heat will benefit from an acrylic stain mixed with iron oxide or semi-transparent or opaque pigment. The additives not only give the deck higher color retention but also protect the wood from becoming gray and having surface degradation.

A deck that is constantly exposed to dampness and rain will grow mildew. It is in these cases that a water resistant stain greatly helps protect a deck. The preservatives in the deck stain help prevent fungus from growing as well as prevent decay or rot.If the deck is constantly snowed, avoid using a metal shovel for removing snow. The metal shovel can damage the wood and hasten its degradation.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to coat your wood too soon after a rainfall.

If you want to secure your deck before winter hits, then now is the time! The team can build, design, or repair your outdoor space. They have been working in decking for so long, their workmanship shows an excellence and attention to detail that places them with the best. Don’t let the Colorado weather get you down too much! Your outdoor decking can be designed in a way that makes it winter-friendly! Just ask about the weather options!

Call today for a consultation, and begin your decking journey!