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Deck Stains: Effective Protection for Your Deck. The professionals at O’Leary and Sons will design, build, or refinish your deck with impressive skill. They are trained professionals who bring quality and craftsmanship into their work.

Deck Staining For Everyone

You can make your deck look great and attractive by applying deck stain on it. Not only are you making your deck look aesthetically appealing by staining it, you are also ensuring that your deck is well protected from the harsh elements and wear and tear.

Although most modern day decks are constructed using pressure treated wood that is water resistant, that’s not entirely sufficient to ensure your deck remains safe from the elements. Deck staining will help to prevent it from cracking, splintering and becoming discolored due to exposure to wind, rain, and snow. Staining will also ensure that just in case your child drops a particularly messy ice cream on your deck, it will be easy to clean it up.

Basic Requisite

Deck staining is not overly hard work but perfection in your task will depend on the proper use of the materials. There are a few requisites that will help you out in this process and they are deck cleaning solution, sprayer, deck sealant or stain, garden hose, rags, natural-bristle brush, and plastic drop cloths. There are a few steps you’ll need to follow when you set out to stain the deck and if you do this correctly, your deck will be protected from deterioration and harsh weather conditions for about two years.

Deck Staining Instructions

Before starting, remove or cover delicate plants that might be in the area. Wash the deck with a hose and then clean it with a deck cleaning solution by applying the solution evenly to the top of the deck. After about ten minutes or so, wash off the cleaner with a garden hose. Allow the deck to fully dry.

When the deck is completely dry, apply the deck stain or deck sealant. There are many different kinds of deck stains and sealants. They range from solid colors to fully transparent ones so take some time to choose the deck stain or sealant you like best for your deck.

Choose a quality brush made from natural bristles (not synthetics). Avoid direct sunlight when applying the deck staining colorado springs. Apply the finish in small areas at a time and always with the grain of the wood. Ensure maximum penetration of the stain into the wood by applying thin coatings of the deck. Use a rag to remove excess stain. Once this process is complete, apply more deck stain to the end of the wood planks as well as on areas that receive high foot traffic. Apply a second coating as needed.

As with any DIY project, it is better to hire professionals. Call O’Leary and Sons today to get a quote and consultation.

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