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Deck sanding is a solution when your deck looks worn and needs a touch-up, and it helps to improve the performance of deck. This method is simple and effortless when it comes to replacing the grain after washing and bringing back original form of the deck. To get going with deck sanding process, you must clean out the deck with a pressure washer to eliminate particles and stains. Usually the stains on the deck are easy to clean out.  In fact, the cleaning is important to let you know the damaged part of deck to repair. The experts at OLeary and Sons can aide in repair and refurbishing of your deck.

If your deck has been sealed with varnish, paint or color stain, clean them at previous.  Clean out all the things to make sure the deck has been free from strange agents and clean. Eliminate any chipping finish or flaking with the use of hand scraper. After all of this, sand the painted part of deck with the rest. Applying deck sanding requires us to know deeply about some type of sanders. It helps us select the right one for better result.

 Palm and Vibratory

These types of sanders are the perfect choice for newbies, or anyone who does not have experience with deck sanding. It has least possibility to raise damage. The size of sander is small but it takes long time to apply deck sanding.

Disc Sanders & Large Angle Grinders

These types of sanders are prefered by most who deal with deck sanding. It effectively eliminates the old paint and damaged deck in no time. It is recommended to use a palm sander for last finishing.

Belt Sanders

It is perfect for the railing. It can be best applied on the deck floor and specially designed for deck sanding. However it has certain drawback which is difficult to control when applying this type of sander. Do not forget to apply a palm sander every time using belt sander for ultimate finishing touch.

OLeary and Sons are renowned professionals who deal with deck refinishing . Give them a call today, to update your worn out decking.

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