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deck refinishing power washing colorado springs

Home decks are very prone to weathering, fading, splintering and accumulation of dirt impurities since it is always exposed outside. One must be very meticulous in order to maintain their decks and of course keeping it in good condition and maintaining it from time to time. One thing that deck owners can do maintain their deck would be by deck refinishing. It is a process where in wooden deck will undergo deck inspection, chemical stripping, power washing, sanding and last but not the least finishing staining. O’Leary and Sons has a team of licensed professionals to refinish your deck.

The question right now is how to refinish a deck? Well first you need to get and ready the materials you’ll need first in deck refinishing. The materials would be eye protection or goggles, rubber gloves, paint scraper, stiff bristled brush, plastic drop clothes which are used to protect the plants, push broom and deck cleaner. After getting all the material needed, start with the first step which is deck inspection. Through this you’ll inspect the wood planks if there are needed to be replaced already or if there planks which are rotten and is no longer good. If there are soft marks on the wood that means it’s already rotten and replace the parts first. You’ll the professionals in all of their gear with their tools. This is to ensure their safety and the safety of the materials around.

Second step in deck refinishing would be chemical stripping. If there are any paints or varnish on the deck you need to remove this first. If paint is used you need to have this scraped off, but if varnish is used, one needs to apply chemical stripper.

Third step in deck refinishing would be power washing or cleaning. One must use an agent or wood cleaner in order to fully clean your deck. There are two types of cleaners commonly used today. First one is Oxygen Bleach which is mixed with water and good in eliminating mildew stains and graying caused by UV rays from the sun. The second one is Oxalic Acid Based cleaner which is commonly used in removing tannin stains which are natural stirring water soluble resins that can be seen as a reddish brown discoloration in the wood.

In deck resurfacing after cleaning the wooden deck, apply staining materials or varnish in order to bring back the new look of your deck. Also it is optional if you want a deck waterproofing done for it as well. Call O’Leary and Sons today to schedule your deck refinishing! Consider other few things while refinishing your deck. read more…

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