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Fence is not just a simple thing that is placed in the backyard of the house. It helps individuals in securing their garden and other significant stuff in their house. It plays a big role in improving curb appeal of the home. That is why most people want to have a fence in their property.

But fences made of wood are more prone to problems than fence made of other materials. It is very important for fence owners to solve the problem immediately to avoid the fence getting in a worse condition. That is why many people perform maintenance of their fence periodically.

Steps you should take to help your fence survive windstorm

Trim trees which are close to your fence

Overhanging limbs and branches are one of the main reason of damaging of the fence during windstorms. A single weak branch can be ripped from the tree by a strong gust of wind and that branch can easily crush your fence. Therefore remove overhanging limbs and branches from your yard to ensure safety of your fence in windstorm. If the tree limbs and branches are from the neighbor’s house then ask them if you can remove the overhanging limbs so they do not fall on your fence. Remove all the dead and dying trees near the fence as there are chances that they can fall at the time of a storm. Also make sure that all your trees are strong and will not easily be broken up when strong wind will come.

Remove large and loose objects from your yard

Strong winds can make objects fly into your fence. Therefore move objects which can easily get picked up by strong winds like patio furniture, flowerpots etc in an enclosed area like a garage or shed.

Fix all the loose posts or sections

Check your fence for any loose posts, boards or panels as any loose fence is more susceptible to high winds. Therefore remove and rebury any posts that have started to lift out of the ground and fix all the loose and damaged boards on your wood fences.

Don’t forget security of your gates

Gate security is important while windstorms as if your gate is not properly secured, then it can also damage your home and other surroundings. You can use a padlock or chain for security of your gate or you can remove your gate at the time of heavy winds

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