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An outdoor deck that connects your home to the outdoors is a pivotal benefit of your home. Nothing makes summer evenings more complete than spending time on your deck with close friends and family. This is what makes providing upkeep for your deck such a top priority. Any homeowner with a deck knows what a huge responsibility maintaining one is. One thing homeowners constantly debate is about whether they should get their decks restored versus replacing it all together. In a lot of cases, homeowners opt for deck replacement when deck restoration may be a more efficient option. Below are some tips to consider when determining if you should go with deck replacement or deck restoration.

Deck Replacement
There are several tips to keep in mind if you’re considering deck replacement over restoration. It’s more costly and time consuming to go through with a full deck replacement than it is to get it restored. This is why homeowners should go with this option only when convinced that their deck is past the point of restoration. If you’re deck has the following shortcomings, a deck replacement is likely to suit you better than a deck restoration.

  • Railings Have Become Unreliable
  • Post Connections Aren’t As Strong As They Once Were
  • Deck Boards Shake When You Walk Across Them
  • Severe, Noticeable Structural Damama
  • Built Based On Outdated Standards

If you find that any of the above ailments are plaguing your deck, it’s best to seek options for deck replacement sooner rather than later. Looking for contracting professionals capable of providing your home with an efficient and affordable deck replacement is a tall task. If you’re unsure of a contracting professional in Colorado Springs for your deck replacement, feel free to get in touch with O’Leary and Sons today. If you find that you aren’t suffering from the ailments listed below, deck restoration may be a more viable option for you.

Deck Restoration
Deck restoration can serve as an inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s exterior without spending as much time or money as you would on a replacement. The biggest signs that your deck only needs a restoration instead of a replacement includes signs of cosmetic wear and tear. If the shortcomings you’ve been finding on your deck includes problems with stairs, or wearing away of color, it’s likely that a deck restoration would suit you perfectly. Below, you’ll find a few of the benefits that come along with deck restoration.

  • A Stained & Freshly Painted Wood Surface
  • Freshly Sanded Stairs and Handrails
  • A Power-Washing That Removes Excessive Buildup of Dirt and Grime
  • Replacement of Lose Nails and Screws

If your deck could benefit from any of the benefits of restoration, get in touch with a reliable Colorado Springs deck builder. Your deck shouldn’t have to go to waste because of repairs that could be rectified within hours. For more information on how O’Leary and Sons provides deck repair services to homeowners in Colorado Springs, call us today!

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