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Plywood is one of the most frequently used materials in both commercial and residential areas. Plywood is known for serving as an alternative to individual boards. This type of decking consists of thin sheets of wood that are glued together for the purpose of creating a thicker sheet. The plywood decking gets placed above the decking joists in one or more of the bigger sheets as opposed to individual pieces. Since plywood decking is flat, that means water has no place to run off the plywood. Homeowners that decide to use plywood decks should have a solid understanding of the type of plywood that’s being used. The most common type of plywood for used for decking material is known as marine plywood. Marine plywood is free of gaps and voids in between the layers. Marine plywood can consist of seven to eight layers of thickness.


Plywood typically serves as the go-to choice for those homeowners seeking to get their deck installed as quickly as possible. Unlike traditional decks, plywood decks can can be installed within hours.The fact that plywood decks don’t take as long as professional decks to install is a major factor that leads to how inexpensive they are. Additionally, plywood decks don’t come with the issues of incorrectly installed boards, or nails not properly sinking.


Since standing water is the most common issue for plywood decks. Waterproofing a plywood deck is essential to it’s long-term usability. There are several ways to go about waterproofing plywood decks. The most common type of waterproofing method can be found in home improvement stores, in a “spray-on” application. These are known as liquid latex substances, and once they reach the surface of the plywood deck they form a plastic, protective layer upon drying.


When it comes to protecting your plywood deck, remember O’leary & Sons has a strong reputation in Colorado Springs deck restoration. If you’re considering installing a plywood deck, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here to discuss whether or not this is the right option for you. If you currently have a plywood deck, you may be considering your options when it comes to getting the deck restored. If you don’t feel confident in your personal abilities to upgrade your deck, the professionals at O’leary & Sons are happy to help.


With the summer months approaching, restoring your deck is likely among your top priorities. Looking for a deck builder in Colorado Springs can be a challenge, but with the reputation O’leary & Sons has for satisfying clients rest assured the deck restoration services offered here are second-to-none. If you’re looking for wood deck repair contractors in Colorado Springs, look no further than O’Leary & Sons. The deck restoration project in your home is far too vital not to be left to the experts. If you’re in the process of looking for a reputable deck repair contractor in Colorado Springs, it’ll be tough to find one with a stronger body of work than O’Leary & Sons. If you’re considering deck restoration, reach out today to learn about the services we offer.

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