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Privacy screens are a great way to add personality to your living space. They’re also a great way to avoid any awkward situations with neighbors. If you need ways to provide more privacy to your outdoor space, a privacy screen is something you should be seriously considering. There are lots of possibilities to choose from when it comes to adding privacy screens to your backyard that include decorative fences, awnings, walls that are free-standing and others. Some examples of privacy screens that look good and get the job done are below:


  1. Paneled Fencing:
    Paneled fences allow you to decide just how much space you’d like to have between your home and your windows. The flexibility of paneled fences allows you to adjust the placement at your discretion. This allows for as much privacy as you can ask for. You can also decide to screen whichever section of your windows that you’d like. Paneled fences come in a lot of different types of materials, too. If you have an unattractive view or you suffer from
  2. Free Standing Walls:
    Free standing walls will provide your home with style and privacy that’s hard to beat. You can use wood panels to cultivate a sense of security, especially if you know that you have windows that you’d prefer to have shielded from public view. Similar to paneled fences, you can also stagger your free standing walls by height. Depending on your privacy needs, free-standing walls could be the privacy solution you’ve been waiting on. There’s also a number of different materials that you could use for your free-standing walls. This is an option with lots of possibilities, so don’t be afraid to explore all of the options that you have available.
  3. Lattice Panel Privacy Screens:
    Lattice is often inexpensive and easy to use for privacy purposes. Lattice panels make good privacy screens because you can shield the view into your home and yard without blocking off too much sunlight. The most common Lattice panels are wooden which means you’ll have the ability to paint them whichever color works best with the exterior of your home. Truthfully, there’s a number of possibilities you have when it comes to using a Lattice panel as your privacy screen. If you aren’t sure about what size Lattice Panel to go with, remember that you can always utilize chains or hooks to hang the panels at the height that you desire.
  4. Vertical Gardens:
    The reason vertical gardens make good privacy decks is because of the added flexibility they bring to your home’s exterior. Vertical gardens are colorful and serve as a perfect extension to your garden. What makes vertical gardens special is the fact that you can cover up an unsightly view with a beautiful display of plants. If you have a garden but haven’t considered a vertical garden, you should consider doing so as soon as you can. This has the potential to be the perfect solution to both your gardening and privacy needs.

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