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Caring for a treated deck Colorado Springs can become tricky, but luckily O’leary and Sons is here to provide you with some tips to ensure its longevity. The process starts by making sure you have the proper materials in place before the time comes to actually begin making updates. While you have decent enough weather, make sure you start preparing for when the seasons change by supplying yourself with a gallon of stain which is typically good for about 250 sq. feet. Along with the gallon of stain, make sure you get a roller, brush and any other painting supplies you may not have. If you have a platform or railing area you should consider adding a little extra stain. There are many ways you can customize your treated deck. One of the easiest ways to go about it is by using a stain color that you may not have considered previously. It’s pretty customary to apply a small amount of the new stain color that you are considering in a corner of the deck to make sure it’s a color you’re completely satisfied with.


If your Colorado Springs home has an older treated deck consider taking special care in preserving the surface of the deck. If you plan on staining your deck, several years after you’ve installed it you’ll need to clean the surface. Most of the time, power washing usually will get rid of the dirt that piles up on the surface. It is advised to apply a fresh coat of stain every couple of years to prevent the buildup of dirt. By adding a separate layer of sea, you can prevent mold or rot from appearing altogether.


O’leary and Sons has been a leader in the deck refinishing colorado springs business since inception in 1988. As part of a unique maintenance program, customers are provided with an initial cleaning and restoration which enables the customers to save more money in the long run. O’leary and Sons is proud to provide top-notch customer service to everyone in need of deck restoration in Colorado Springs. It is imperative that you begin to consider the needs of your deck before it becomes too late.

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