Deck Plans and How To Build a Deck

Although building a deck is not going to be the most difficult job you will undertake, it is important to sort out deck plans before you begin to work. This will make sure that you know exactly what you are doing and there will not be any extra equipment purchased or a few bits missing at the end of the job. Once you have read up on how to build a deck, you can get started and put in place an item that will give you and your family hours of pleasure as well as add to the look of your house.

Choosing Decking Design and Deck Railing Ideas

Decking is now very popular and as a result there is plenty of decking design information available. As everyone will have different taste you should be able to build your deck exactly how you want it by looking at various samples and then will be able to put your own design together. If there are small children in the family, or even pets that may not be trusted alone on the grass or with the flowers, then deck railing ideas are plentiful and it will allow a beautiful design and keep family and garden safe.

Actually Building a Deck

The first thing to decide will be the size of the deck and also what you expect to be using it for. If it is just going to be a place to put plant holders then the deck ideas can be very different from those needed for a deck that is going to be used regularly for people sitting on and even one that will be used for barbecues. It will be possible to put a deck in any yard or garden regardless of the size, and while it has been mentioned that building a deck is not the most difficult task, it does have to be well planned and the timing of the building is important. You don’t want to be doing it in the middle of winter when rain and snow can hamper you so much.

Turning Decking Ideas into Deck Designs

The time spent considering what you want the deck to look like will be time well spent. Decking ideas are fine and while you may know exactly what you want, the ideas may not fit the space you are working with. You need to consider when the sun hits the garden, and also whether or not it will be attached to the house. In some cases it may be easier to build it either a little way away, or to make the most of the sun, at the far end of the garden. You need to work out what deck designs are going to be best for you.

Planning with the perfect deck ideas

Once the plans have been talked through it will be time to begin putting something down on paper. Imagine how it will look from the house, how it will look from various other places in the garden, and how will it look if you look down onto it. If you can draw the plans to scale that will make it much easier when you are buying the materials and setting out the base. This is going to be of a great help to a professional if you decide to employ them, and it could also help to keep your costs down as it will be one less job they will be doing for you. The perfect decking designs will include the type of material and it is important to check that you like the way different colours and textures work together. The sort of boards could determine the weight that can be placed on it and depending on the furniture that you intend to use, you would need to consider whether or not you wanted there to be a pattern or just plain wooden panels.

Turning Deck Design Ideas into Deck Building

One of the vital deck design ideas will be whether or not to have a roof or covering over the deck. If you get a lot of sun and intend to use the deck a lot it will be important to incorporate this into the design before you begin deck building. If the sun is not a big problem, it may be easiest to arrange a space for free standing umbrellas to be placed on the deck as and when they are needed. Again if there is the intention to place flowers or pot plants around the deck thee needs to be some sort of shield in place to protect them from either strong sun or snow and rain in the winter. You also need to consider as part of the plans, how you will get from the house to the decking – will it be right outside the house or further away and if it is connected to the house would it be easy to get to the garden or does there need to be a separate design for this process?

Materials Needed When You Are Ready

Most decks are made from wood so that will be the first one needed and also the one you are likely to need the most of when you have decided to build a deck. Cedar tends to be the most popular as it is easy to work with and also looks better than a lot of other woods. It is however a little less durable than other woods and tiger wood tends to be preferred if durability is an issue although it needs to be remembered that this will cost more. Ipe wood is also durable and will be a good choice of the intention is to have a dark hue. Pinewood is a good in the middle wood as it can look good and be treated so as it is not quickly damaged while any damage that does occur can be quite easily repaired.

Drainage and Decking Designs

Regardless of the decking designs and materials you eventually choose it will be a good idea to make sure that there is drainage installed. Parts of the world are finding rain is more and more of a problem and if rain does not find a way to drain away from the decking, the wood can rot, and it could need regularly replacing as well as being dangerous.

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