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Summer season is here and with the sun and warmer weather comes lots of opportunities of enjoying the sizzles of the BBQ and passing mild evenings with friends and family. Before you start inviting everyone and organizing parties, you need to make sure that your deck is in good condition and ready for the summer. Here are some tips that will help you in making your decks colorado springs ready for summer months.

Preparing your Deck for Summer Season

  • Examine Your Deck- It is necessary to give your deck a thorough inspection to make sure that no structural problems evolved during the winter season. Check for missing and popped nails and if there are any, and replace them with deck screws. Make sure that the ledger is firmly attached with lag screws. Ledger joints the deck with the house. Check that posts are not damaged by giving them a shake. Make sure that the flashing (a metal cap that covers the top of the ledger and prevents moisture from getting behind the siding) is free from rust and holes.
  • Clean Your Deck- By the end of winter, there are chances that wood of your deck will become tarnished and it will likely have lost some of its shine and beauty. Clean your deck to bring back beautiful look of your deck. For cleaning your deck, first remove your deck furniture and clear away dirt, debris and fallen leaves that have accumulated over your deck during the winter. Then apply deck cleaner and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. At last wash off the cleaner with the help of a power washer.deck Refinished
  • Stain Your Deck- After cleaning your deck; apply a fresh coat of stain to your deck. Staining will seal the wood to protect it from UV rays and water to give it a nice and fresh color. If your deck is new then a clear or transparent stain will work best for your deck. If your deck is old then go with semi-transparent stain.
  • Add Colored Patio Furniture and Plants for a Summery Touch- One of the most popular ways to decorate your deck is to give it the look of an indoor room. Add furniture like couches and coffee tables to your deck. Flowers are a great way to customize your deck.Color Stain

 O’Leary and Sons Inc is all about professional services for locals; the summer season is definitely the time to call! For a maintenance check, or a repair, O’Leary and Sons is always available.

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