Is Composite Decking Worth the Cost?

Composite decking means that your deck is made from a combination if different materials, mostly being plastic and wood. The ingredients are processed in a way that makes the material look just like wood. Composite decking is considered environmentally friendly considering the fact that they often use recycled or recovered materials in the manufacturing process. Many people wonder whether or not they are worth the cost but considering that they are easily-maintenanced and built for longevity, there is no question that it has serious benefits over the average wood decking. The upfront cost of the composite decking may be more than the traditional deck, but that is an investment that you won’t regret anytime soon. Consider the cost of installation of the traditional deck, with the costs of the constant cleaning, repairs and staining. The composite deck will certainly save you headache and costs in the long run.


Benefits of composite decking is the fact that you’ll have less of a need for maintenance during the seasons you’ll be using the deck the most. Composite decks allow you to simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of having a deck in your Colorado Springs home. Composite decking is more resistant to pests and rotting, which are two of the biggest causes for premature deterioration of a deck. The fact that it combines plastic and wood ensures that it will last slightly longer than average, too. The composite decking also comes in a variety of grains and colors. The colors don’t deteriorate either, meaning that they’ll look the same as the day you had it installed.


O’leary and sons is happy to consult with you to find out if a composite deck is right for you. The biggest questions when figuring out whether or not you should go with a composite deck is asking how important to you is longevity in your deck? Is it important to you to not have to get your deck serviced every couple of years? If these are of concern to you, consider the facts about the effectiveness of composite decking. Oleary and Sons is the go-to company for deck installations in Colorado Springs. If you are considering going through with a composite deck make an appointment with O’leary and sons today.