Wood Deck Paint

If you have contacted O’Leary and Sons, and they have built your deck, then the next step is upkeep and maintenance. The first thing you’ll want to is clean your work area, if you do not clean your work area you may end up getting paint everywhere and what’s really annoying is if you get debris such as hair lint or other foreign objects inside your paints and once you paint it on your deck, it will show up and look very nasty.Deck Refinished1

The first thing you want to do with wood deck paint is actually get the deck ready for painting,  so one should  get a power washer. If your deck is in particularly bad condition, one should consider a belt sander with adequate grit. This will be a laborious process and may take roughly a day or two, depending on how large your deck is. This is something that is best handled by professionals, so call O’Leary and Sons to finish these projects.

As for the wood deck paint itself, paint can be surprisingly expensive, so make sure you’re looking at quality and durability. Think about the design of the deck. Do you want natural colours, or vibrant, statement-making colours? There are many fun designs, including chevron, stripes, multicolored planks, faux rugs, etc.

Oil based paints dry faster, but acrylics are easier in the cleanup. If there are holes, dents, scratches in the decking, make sure to handle them before painting. you can fill them with epoxy putty. Don’t forget to tape off the adjacent corners and areas that don’t need paint.

With regards to the wood deck paint colorado springs job, you should apply 3 to 4 coats of paint. Safety is actually a very important thing when it comes to painting. The last thing you want to do is breathe in the toxic fumes, which will create a huge health hazard. Paint in periods of one or two hours at a time at the most; if you find yourself getting nauseated, that is not a good sign and you should take a break.

Though it may seem like a great thing to accomplish, trying to DIY your deck, it is something that is a guaranteed success with the help of professionals. You don’t have to move your schedule around the construction, or worry about details of building. OLeary and Sons are licensed and focus on quality deck painting, staining, and building. Call today for a consultation!