What Materials And Supplies Are Required To Repair A Fence

There are a large variety of materials that may be needed for fence repairs. What exactly is needed varies widely based on what repairs are being done.

If you are considering repairing the fence yourself, but see that it requires more than you expected, call professionals. O’Leary and Sons are qualified and renowned for their exceptional fence repairs.

Here are some of the materials commonly needed for fence repairs.


Posts are what support the fence, and they are partially buried in the ground. Sometimes they will need to be replaced. It is possible to cut the posts yourself from wood in order for it to match the rest of your fence, but you may be able to find posts already cut to the size of your fence.


Rails are the parts of the fence in between the posts. As with the posts, you may need to buy some wood and cut the rails yourself, but it may also be possible to find some that already fit your fence.


Posts are held into the ground using concrete, so if you are replacing a post, then concrete will be required. The concrete is poured into the hole around the post in order to hold the post in place.


If you are replacing a post, then a shovel will be necessary to dig up the old post and remove it. It will also be used to bury the new post once the concrete has been filled in.

Sledgehammer and Chisel

A sledgehammer and chisel are necessary for replacing a fence post. They are used to break up the concrete at the base of the old post so that it can be removed and replaced with the new one.

Nails and Screws

Nails and/or screws are used to hold the fence together. You will definitely need nails or screws if you are replacing a post or rail, but it may also be necessary to replace the screws or nails in existing posts or rails from time to time if something happens to the older ones.


A hammer will be necessary if you have to hammer in any new nails. It can also be used to remove any old ones that need to be replaced.

Drill and Screwdriver

A drill and/or screwdriver may be needed if you are replacing or screwing in any screws.


If you have a wire mesh fence that is rusting and needs to be replaced, then pliers are necessary. They are used to remove the old and rusted wire mesh, and they are also used to help wrap the wire mesh around the top, bottom, and sides of the fence so that it will stay in place.

These are all materials that you may need to use while repairing your fence, but the exact materials and supplies will depend on what exactly your repairs are. OLeary and Sons professionals are always ready to make your fence beautiful, a stand-out piece of resilience and class.