Tips for Cleaning Your Deck to Make it Look New

With the summer months approaching, cleaning & treating your deck is becoming a bigger priority for homeowners. Obviously once the weather gets warmer, you’ll be spending countless summer nights with friends and family on the deck. With that in mind, you’ll certainly want to give it some TLC to make up for all the damage it’s taken from the rain and snow of the past few months. All it takes to restore your deck back to new is have some time on your hands and the proper supplies. Before you know it your deck will be as good as new and you’ll be more than ready to start hosting summer get-togethers on your patio. Remember that your deck should be cleaned at least once a year. Think about how much wear and tear your deck receives within a year. You’re essentially undoing all of that damage by providing it with annual maintenance. These tips are especially important for homeowners with older decks. Keep the following tips in mind when you decide to begin work on refinishing your deck:

  • Clean The Deck as Thoroughly as Possible:
    The first step in properly cleaning your apartment is making sure you have the right cleaner on hand. Once you choose the right cleaner, you’ll need to use a stiff-bristle brush to massage it into the wooden surface of your deck before rinsing it. Let the cleaning solution soak into the fibers of the deck so that it cleans the surface effectively. Once it dries, you’ll be ready to stain the deck. If you notice that you have lots of stains on your deck, you should consider employing a pressure washer for the day to take care of stains that won’t come out by typical scrubbing.
  • Apply the Finish:
    If you have an older deck, the requirements for your stain may be different than if it were bought a year or two ago. If you have a newer deck it’s recommended to complete it with a clear finish. Make sure that you apply any subsequent coats to the wood while the first coat is still wet. If you wait for that first coat to dry, you run the risk of not allowing those following coats to be absorbed into the wood. For an additional touch, try adding some protection to the wood in the form of clear water repellant.
  • Need Help With Deck Refinishing?
    If your deck is starting to show so many signs of wearing down that you aren’t confident in your ability to save it, give O’Leary & Sons a call. Since 1988, homeowners in Colorado Springs have been able to rely on O’Leary & Sons for their deck refinishing needs. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for deck refinishing in Colorado Springs, feel free to reach out to O’Leary and Sons at your earliest convenience. Our professionals would be glad to help get your deck restored well ahead of the upcoming summer months. Give us a call today!