Things to Consider While Finishing Your Deck

After building your deck, the important task left is to put a finish on your deck. You should carefully choose the right finish as it will secure the deck. There are some points to consider before finishing your deck.

Knowing What kind ofWood you are using:

You need to consider various elements when choosing the finishes for your deck. Different kinds of wood soak in moisture at different rates so it is important to consider the type of wood you are using. Some wood will require a heavy finish to preserve it, despite exposure to the sun. Some wood surfaces are impermeable and hard, and require a thin coat to protect it from moisture. Due to this, you will require a different volume of finishes for different woods, because they absorb water at different rates. Also, some kinds of wood contain sap or oil that could remove the coating. Hence, take your time to think about your needs and O’Leary and Sons will help you choose the right decking finish.deck cleaning

Condition of Your Deck:

The condition of your deck is another important thing to consider.

Is your deck in direct contact with sunlight? If yes, then it will remain dry more often and can lose moisture quickly. For longer life of wood, it is essential to retain some moisture, otherwise it will get thin and weathered. Therefore, ensure you put a finish on your deck that is formulated to withstand in hotter conditions.Color Stain

Is your deck in a humid climate? If yes, then the deck will become vulnerable to possibly wood damaging elements like lichen, micro-organisms, fungi and others.


Friction is another factor that needs to be considered during deck finishing colorado springs. This factor depends on the people using the deck and furniture. It is also based on the wind factor as wind and moisture collectively make wood weathered, old and grey. As wind absorbs all the necessary moisture in wood, so it is necessary to take this factor into consideration during a finishing process. Ensure to finish your deck in a manner that it will withstand any outside friction.

Maintain your Finishing:

O’Leary and Sons Inc are professionals willing and able to help you maintain your deck’s finish. Come rain or shine, they will make sure your deck is protected from the elements of nature. Focused on quality service, their contractors will be available to answer questions and help with your decking needs. Call today for a quote!