Planning and Preparing Your Deck for Staining

Whether you’re attempting to stain a brand new deck or restore an older one, deck stains, and cleaning and maintenance products can aid you on your quest and leave you with professional quality results. However, before you start on your wood deck staining project, ensure that you get a good start as there are a few instructions that you should be aware of when staining your deck.

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The cleaning product you’ll need to use depends greatly on your deck’s condition. If your wooden deck was previously stained or treated, use Stain and Sealer Remover followed by Revive to neutralize chemicals and restore the natural appearance of redwood or cedar. To eliminate mold and mildew contained within composite decking and unstained pressure-treated wood, use Deck Wash.

Next, you’ll have to choose what type of deck stain you’d like to use and this decision depends on the desired appearance and durability. Clear stains provide optimum view of the natural wood but offers very little in the way of protection. Toners provide you with a light color, which will highlight the wood grain while also providing decent durability and strength. Semi-transparent deck stains provide you with very high durability along with a rich and pigmented color, allowing the natural wood grain to show through. For those severely weathered woods, it is best to apply semi-transparent stain in two coatings. Solid color deck stains, on the other hand, help cover up the wood, entirely hiding any blemishes or unsightly grains while also offering maximum durability. Advanced technology makes a solid color stain that’s perfect for composite decking.

Before you actually go about applying the deck stain, you have to be certain that the surface of your deck is is clean and mildew-free. If the deck’s surface contains any dirt, the stain will have trouble sealing the wood and may end up simply peeling off later on. Sweep your deck to remove any debris that might be on it and then liberally apply a cleaner solution with a roller or pump sprayer. Be sure to wear protective equipment at this point to prevent contact with your skin and eyes. If you   have a big deck, work in small sections so as to be sure that the area stays wet at all times. Allow the cleaner to set for approximately 15 minutes, after which you can work the cleaner into the deck’s surface with a stiff, synthetic-bristle brush. Be sure to scrub thoroughly in order to get rid of all residues. Also, you might want to use a garden hose with a good, strong stream in order to completely rinse off the cleaner from your wood.

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