How To Build a Deck Railing

If you are looking to update your outdoor space, a deck is definitely a wise investment. It can offer a place for entertainment, and relaxation. O’Leary and Sons build quality decking and strive to bring ultimate customer satisfaction.

Generally speaking, decks are about 30 inches off the ground which means that a railing is necessary. The construction of a simple deck railing should not take long and is also cost-effective. The type of wood you choose will influence the total financial cost, but redwood and cedar are good, reliable choices for an outdoor deck railing that will be exposed to various weather conditions. Cedar is known for lasting a long time and it is relatively easy to work with as well.

A simple deck railing would incorporate the use of wooden balusters, 2” x 2”, and a railing of 2” x 6”.  The majority of building codes insist on a space not exceeding 4” between the balusters. You can work out the number of balusters you will require by measuring the perimeter of the deck. Once you have the figure you then multiply it by 2.5.  The result you are left with will be how many balusters you will require.

As for height, the minimum in most places is 36” and the top of the baluster should be 34” off the floor of the deck. Depending upon whether your joists are bigger you might want to extend it further than 7” onto the side board so that there are greater firmness and stability.

It is important to leave out the guesswork in favor of the facts, so be sure to double check all measurements. This will help to ensure that the end result will look its best. If you want to extend the life of your deck and deck railing colorado springs, you should consider painting it or staining the wood. And finally, make sure that the style of the railing you have chosen actually matches your home as well as being within your budget.

These DIY projects will be more successful with the help of professionals. Call O’Leary and Sons today for a consultation.