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The deck has become a great area of concern in many homes as many people try the different methods of keeping it looking as beautiful as possible. This is the one place you can relax, watch the sunrise of a beautiful sunset and is also a perfect place to unwind or have some special bonding with your family. Unfortunately, there comes a time when this special place needs renovations.

Deck resurfacing is the best option to get the tired and worn out look of your deck. The cause of deck wearing off can as a result of weather or simply old age and there is a great need to resurface and give your deck the appealing fresh look it should always have. O’Leary and Sons are licensed decking experts in Colorado Springs and can answer your questions about deck resurfacing.

Deck resurfacing is done mostly on surfaces which have splintered, cracked or have deteriorated and simply can’t be rejuvenated by any other means. It is always wise to choose materials which will serve you for a long time although somehow down the line they will need replacement after serving you well enough.

With deck resurfacing, there is no need to rip off the planks already on the floor; modular tiles which can interlock are used giving you a new fresh and beautiful surface. The tiles are pretty easy to install and they come in a variety of materials allowing you to choose what you think is best. There are those made of porcelain, wood and stone giving you many alternatives especially if you have the need to change your deck appearance from what was initially there.

Deck resurfacing can also include the use of different kinds of material to add more highlight and make your deck unique. The tiles used to resurface the deck area do not need any adhesives, nails or screws as the interlock is strong enough as it works hand in hand with the existing deck. For that polished professional looking finish you can use transition strips or edge reducers of tiles found on the outer side of your deck.

Deck resurfacing can also be done by replacing the entire surface with the new rails and decking of your choice. The process is done carefully without spoiling the frames although modifications can be done to them.

Most homeowners distinguish the dangers associated with rotten handrails, splintered deck boards and the direct heat that can come from an already exhausted deck and therefore are seeking deck surfacing services more and more. By resurfacing the main frame, your deck will have a new amazingly fresh and even different look. You can even have the old frames strengthened leveled or straightened to make them fit with your preferred new look and you can also have them reused without any type of modification. Deck resurfacing is simply your solution to the eyesore your deck has become. You should not be worrying about safety on the deck because of the unstable handrails, splintered floors and failing stair when you can have all that under control with deck resurfacing.

The team at O’Leary and Sons is equipped to help you resurface your deck in Colorado Springs and make it beautifully new. Call today for a consultation.

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