Choosing The Perfect Deck Stain

Wooden decks are the highlight of many people’s homes, and a lot of time and money goes into constructing them. It is important to stain the deck at regular intervals, so that it maintains its beauty for a long time without any major repairs. With several types of stains available in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose right stain for your deck. A thorough study of the advantages and drawbacks of each type of stain can help you to make the right decision. O’Leary and Sons will walk you through the process of choosing the proper Deck Staining Colorado Springs .

Which type of Stain you applied on your Deck in the past? –

Before choosing stain for your deck, it is important for you to identify the stain applied on your deck in the past because water based deck stains will typically stick to oil stains but oil stains will not stick to water based stains. If you don’t remember which type of stain you used on your deck in the past then contact a professional painter at O’Leary and Sons as he will be able to identify the type of stain used.Deck Refinished1

Different Types of Stains

  • Solid Stains- These stains are recommended for old decks. From all other stain options- they provide the most protection to your deck from moisture and UV rays. These stains most commonly resemble flat paint. With solid deck stains, wood grain will not show through. The wood grain texture will be visible. When properly applied, you only need to re-coat your deck after every six years.
  • Semi Solid Stains- These stains allow some of the grain to shine through the wood. These stains resist peeling very well. Re -apply these stains after every two years.
  • Semi-Transparent Stains- These stains are recommended for newly built decks and not for decks that have been stained or painted before. They are available in a variety of colors. They allow you to see the wood grain. Re-apply these stains after every 3 years.
  • Transparent Stains- These stains are for those people who want to preserve the natural color of their wood. These stains will protect the wood from moisture. They have little UV protection. These stains need to be reapplied after every year.


O’Leary and Sons Inc is dedicated to ensuring professional services to your outdoor decks, fences, siding, etc. When updating the look of your decking, O’Leary and Sons offers professional advice and service. From the type of wood, to the brand of stain, their professional eye will help restore and maintain the beauty of your deck. Call to schedule an appointment today!