Build a Great Outdoor Space

Decks can be a great expansion to your home. This offers a great entertainment space for your outdoor activities, and can help foster a sense of community when entertaining guests. Building a deck for your home is a valuable investment; it could boost the value and look of your home. Unfortunately decks are privy to a lot of wear and tear, because of being exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. There can be instances of wood rot, chipping, loose screws and posts, faulty railings, etc. When these things occur, hiring the help of professionals is necessary. For the upkeep of aesthetic quality, as well as safety regulations, a professional can ensure the proper care of such a space. O’Leary and Sons is dedicated to helping customers maintain a great looking and safe outdoor space for their clients, and construct new decking for customer needs.deck Repair

What to Consider When Considering Decking:

  • Intentions- What is the purpose of this deck? Is for dining? Parties? Gardening? Or perhaps it surrounds a pool or hot tub? Each of these scenarios might affect the type of deck and materials to be used. O’Leary and Sons is very skilled, so your plans will be dealt with by experts.
  • Budget- The important part. Your budget should consider the size of deck, the type of deck, and the details. The more intricate the work, the larger the budget usually.
  • Location- If your deck is not confined to the only available space, perhaps you will have more of a choice in where it is built. Some things to consider are sunlight, trees, view, shade, and the proximity to your house.

O’Leary and Sons Inc. has been building and repairing decks for 30 years. Our business goals are to always bring customer satisfaction and professionalism to each job. We know that most homeowners do not have to proper time to handle DIY projects, especially full scale construction. This is where O’Leary and Sons steps in, to design, build and maintain the deck of your dreams. We understand materials and how to blend functionality with aesthetic qualities. If you wish to update the look of an old deck, we will inspect the deck and find a good solution for your needs.

With the construction of the deck, comes an offer of a 5 year warranty, and a complete maintenance pack. It is a valuable, and customer-based investment.